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Tip: Joint joy! I would like to invite you to experience one or more stages of the Grand Tour of Switzerland and/or the 3-country Alpine Tour under my guidance (max. 8 bikes). Date of the guided tour: From 3 to 23 July 2019 – ask us for the exact tour plans!

Grand Tour of Switzerland – or: Earn Your Mountain Passes Gold Medal
The “Grand Tour of Switzerland” combines the highlights of Switzerland with the most attractive roads and scenery – as you go from Private Selection Hotel to Private Selection Hotel.

It is split into 9 stages and literally jam-packed with mountain passes.
Our Tip:
The Swiss Federation of Motorcyclists (FMS) is the national sporting authority for motor sports in Switzerland. Famous current and former motorcycle racers including Jacques Cornu, Tom Lüthi, Dominique Aegerter and Jesko Raffin are members of the FMS. It organises the annual FMS-Mountain Pass Challenge. 100 passes as well as 30 additional passes and one-way routes for you to cruise and earn a gold medal and certificate to keep. Experience our Grand Tour for yourself in one go – or split it into three 3-night sections. If you complete the suggested route with all the mountain passes and sign up to the FMS you’ll be sure of a podium place and at least a bronze medal!

The Low-Down – The Private Selection Hotels Grand Tour of Switzerland:

  • Countless tourist and cultural sights and landmarks including 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, biospheres, natural wonders and breathtaking panoramas.
  • Lakes: 22 lakes of over 0,5 km² along the route
  • Recommended season: Summer (2nd half of June – October)
  • Route: 1’806 km (1’122 miles)
  • Passes: 25
  • Highest Point of The Grand Tour: Furkapass, 2,429 m above sea level Lowest Point of The Grand Tour: Lake Maggiore, 193 m above sea level

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Jul 31 2020 - Oct 31 2020

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