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Swizzlybiker’s professional tour guide motorcyclists can assist you to design the itineraries that will take you on a wonderful day ride.


You tell us what you expect from your individual motorcycle adventure and we make your dreams of your very personal tour come true. Just decide when and where you want to travel and whom you would like to take with you and we will do the rest of the organization. No matter if concerning the choice of your motorcycles, the degree of difficulty, the accommodation – the sky is the limit.


With this kind of tour, you choose an already existing tour from our assortment, but decide on your very own desired tour date and we will reserve the tour exclusively for you and your group. Ride with your family, friends or colleagues. Also, when it comes to picking your bikes the choice is left to you. Just click on the “Make-it-private” button on our website at the corresponding tour and we will organize your PRIVATE tour for you!

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Current information about the Coronavirus

Due to the currently unclear development in connection with the corona virus, we have temporarily suspended the sale of our tours. Information concerning Switzerland can be found on the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and Information concerning international trips & tours can be found here 
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Aktuelle Information zum Coronavirus

Aufgrund der momentan unklaren Entwicklung im Zusammenhang mit dem Coronavirus, haben wir den Verkauf unserer Touren vorübergehend eingestellt. Informationen die Schweiz betreffend finden Sie auf der Website des Schweizerischen Bundesamtes für Gesundheit und Informationen zu internationalen Reisen & Touren finden Sie hier.

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