Pragelpass' view
Pragelpass’ view

The Pragelpass lives from its eventful history, but also from its beauty between the two different worlds of the cantons Schwyz and Glarus. A very scenic and amazing motorcycletour with the Schwammhöchi  with it’s restaurant with an absolute amazing view over the Kloentalersee as an atmospheric finale.

Schwammhöhe‘s view with Kloentalersee
Schwammhöhe‘s view with Kloentalersee

The Pragelpass (el. 1550 m.) links two cantons with very different characteristics. On one hand Schwyz and on the other hand Glarus between Muotathal and Netstal. The pass itself is located in the canton of Schwyz.

Pragelpass rocks
Pragelpass rocks

On one side Canton Schwyz , known as a rather egocentric and tradition-based canton, on the other the more cosmopolitan Glarus. This is probably why the road over the Pragelpass has never really been developed despite its strategic significance, particularly during World War II.

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The pass road of the Pragelpass is parallel to the road over Klausen Pass and has a maximum grade of 18 percent. The east side of the pass road is closed to motorized vehicles on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Pragelpass normally is one of the 130 passroads of the Swiss Passroadchallenge.

Grand Tour of Switzerland - Lauterbrunnen
Grand Tour of Switzerland – Lauterbrunnen

Pretty soon I will publish a tour where you can explore Switzerland on it’s Grand Tour of Switzerland and where you can also take part of the Swiss Passroadchallenge and win a Bronce-medal. I will be able to make the tour by yourself as a selfguided-tour or you can also book in one of the groups I am going to guide.

Grand Tour of Switzerland - Furkapass
Grand Tour of Switzerland – Furkapass

As a former hotelier I take an eye on our accommodation. That’s why we are going to stay in the best hotels of the specific areas only.

Would you like to get more infos about the tour? If so, send me an e-mail to swizzlybiker(at) or leave a message. Soon you will be also able to book the tour on my new website. More informations about it as soon as possible, as soon as ready.

I'm ready to guide you!
I’m ready to guide you!


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