I know I’m far behind with writing about my day 14 of my eastern-European-trip. The reason is simple but it was not really funny. I got infected somewhere by the legionnaires’ disease and with fever up to 40 centigrades it was just not possible to do anything anymore.

Now, after more than one week I slowly start to come back to the normal. Fever & pain of muscles are gone but I still have to take care of my  body because of this really strong pneumonia I got.

Private garage for my Indian Roadmaster of the hotel Allegro in Ljubljana


When I left Ljubljana after breakfast I did not really feel sick but I felt tired, even after a long and wonderful night in a warm bed.

Breakfastroom- & buffet of the hotel Allegro in Ljubljana
My hotelroom in the hotel Allegro in Ljubljana


I really choosed a nice hotel called Allegro in the old town of Ljubljana and I can warmly recommend it.

perfect located hotel Allegro in Ljubljana with private garage for my Indian Roadmaster

First it was my intention to do the trip back home in two days over south tirol, the stelvio and some passroads in Switzerland. But a voice in me told me to go home as fast as possible. One hand I knew that the weather is going to change to rain and thunderstorms  but I probably felt already the upcoming sickness in my body.

Gaz station in Nova Gorica, Slovenia with my Inidan Roadmaster


I decided to take the highway through Italy to reach home the same day. But I almost had to stay at every gaz-station for a short break. Either because I had one of my numerous sleeping crises or because of a heavy thunderstorm with lightening and hail.

[wpvideo pvRZcIlx ]

Somehow I arrived the Swiss border. I felt excited like I always do after travelling. I love it when I can leave for a new adventure but I also love to come back home to all those things that are familiar to me.

Como – Dogana (customs) Brogeda

Once in front of the Gotthard I decided not to take the tunnel because I was scared that  I could fall asleep in this 16.9 kilometer (10.5 miles) long and somehow boring tunnel. So I decided to take the passroad even I could see that I may get some rain.

San Gottardo’s  old street called Tremola

Gotthard was done and the weather was not as bad as I thought.

The next two passes would  be something else. The Furkapass and the Grimselpass.


I started to get heavy rain, fog and very cold temperature of 3 centigrade celsius (37.4 Fahrenheit). I do ride often having these temperatures but not after beeing used to temperatures between 35 – 42 centigrade celsius (95 – 107.6 Fahrenheit). I started to freeze and I made the mistake to wait too long until I took on more clothes.

After passing the Furkapass, near Gletsch/VS

I arrived at home. Frozen like an ice-block. I managed to take a warming bath, to post some pictures on Instagram, to write some messages on facebook and to friends that I made it.

The next day wasn’t too bad. I just was tired.  But from wednesday on  the nightmare of the Legionnaire deseas began – and now I am able to finish the blog of my day 14. At least I got a wonderful double rainbow these days! I’m sure it will bring luck!

Double rainbow at my home im Matten/Interlaken, Switzerland

I will write a summary of my unforgettable and 6’704,8 km (4’166,17 miles) long journey through mainly eastern European countries what I have discovered by my Indian motorcycle, my Indian Roadmaster.

My originally planned huge trip!


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