I put  those two days together because there is only one word for what I saw during my trip. It was absolutely breathtaking!

Some views on the adriatic sea

As you know I live in one (it’s my personal opinion) of the most beautiful places on earth. Ok. I havent’ seen everything but I have seen a lot!

Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau

Breathtaking to me were so far the waterfalls of Iguazù in Brezil, parts of the highway number 1 In the US, the Kings-Canyon in Australia, the Lofoten-Isands in Norway (as a track the curvy Trollstigen-Road is a must too) and the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

In Switzerland we have many breathtaking places. My problem here is, it’s almost “daily business”. I’m used to it. I grew up with it. In my childhood I had a 311 meter high waterfall called Staubbach and the mountain Jungfrau (top of Europe) as my personal view out of my nursery. I really thought everyone has a waterfall at home.


left: Jungfrau / right: Staubbach in Lauterbrunnen

While travelling I started to appreciate what I’ve got in my home-area. My favourite touristy places are the mountains Schilthorn-Piz Gloria, Jungfrau and Matterhorn, as passroads for sure my home-area passroads Grimsel, Susten & Furka. One I do like a lot also is the San Bernardino and…..there are too many of them. Sorry! If you need any ideas about passroads in Switzerland send me a message through my blog and I will give you a helpful link to a website that is full with ideas of trips and passroads in Switzerland.

Impressions of Swizzlybiker-trips in Switzerland

You see, I can compare quite many places with eachother. The  tour I made the last 2 days was something really very special! Breathtaking!


Step by step now: I left Bar on Saturday, 22nd July 2017 at 5:55 am. Well, it’s not exactly correct. I tried to leave Bar at 5:55 am. The problem was,  that my Indian motorcycle was blocked by other cars. No way out! So what could I do now?

I asked the night porter to assist me. I thought he may have an idea to whom those cars belong but we decided that I will pass the entrance-hall of the bike. I always try not to complain too much (or at least no too long) about a situation and to find a solution for the actual “challenge” (I do not like the word “problem”).

No way out!

I was ready for the challenge “Indian Roadmaster passes through entrance hall of a hotel in Bar”. But before I really could start this somehow unique “challenge”, the neighbour told us, down from his balcony, that he will immediately move the car. Somehow sad. It would have been a special story to tell. The only thing you can do now is: imagine it! 😉

Riding with my Indian Roadmaster  through the entrance hall?

After leaving the hotel for good, my eyes and my sould got immediately spoiled by a real breathtaking view.

View between Bar & Petrovac


Since I decided to leave the cheap and not really recommendable hotel early in the morning without breakfast, I decided search a nice place on the beach, where I can write my blog and also have breakfast, what finally ended up as brunch.

I found this great beach-bar in Petrovac where Jovana & Perica were my hosts. I knew that I will end up with a lot of traffic but I also knew that this place soon will be crowded by tourists. Working in peace

would be a mission impossible!

Jovana & Perica at the beach-bar “Le Marc” in Petrovac

After finishing my blogs of day 10 and day 11 I got back into the traffic and more breathtaking views were following. There are so many pictures that I decided to post the pictures as a kind of movie. I hope you will like it? Would appreciate your feedback!

Movie: Impressions of the Adriatic sea!

Instead of repeating how breathtaking it was (was almost an overflow! Sometimes I was really happy when I had to stop at a border for a short emotional process), I

prefer to write about meeting people.

When you travel alone like I am doing right now you are never really lonely except maybe sometimes in the evenings. But normally you’re tired and you’re not looking for long evenings anyway. You prefer a pillow!

But on the first of  these two days I was travelling slow and had time to talk to other people. So met quite many different people. The second day I was quite busy and I had trouble with the heat. The 35 Celsius here bothered me much more than the 40 Celsius in Albania. The second day was breathtaking too but also very tough. My body rebelled.

In Petrovac I met Jovana & Perica. You know them already. Good hosts are always a great pleasure!

Jovana & Perica at the beach-bar “Le Marc” in Petrovac


In Dubrovnik I saw a nice young Harley-girl and I asked here for a good place to as a biker. She told me that there are not really biker-places and the moment but she would be willing to guide me to a good spot. I agreed and we finally had a nice and interesting chat. Her name is Riana, speaks an absolut brillant American English (I did not hear an accent!) and she does motorcycle-tourguiding. We will for sure stay in touch and maybe cooperate as tourguides. Would be my pleasure, Riana.

Riana the harleygirl of Dubrovnik


While searching the entrance to the Dubrovnik City Walls Walk I met a nice dutch family. I told them, that I better speak in Swiss German (my dialect) to them than in high-German (the officially written German language) because the gap between Dutch and Swiss is smaller than between Dutch & German. We tried, succeed and had a good laugh! Was my pleasure to meet you in Dubrovnik Ans, Jenthel, Jan & Robin.

Jan, Robin, Ans, Jenthel from Holland

While walking back to my Indian Roadmaster I met an Austrian couple who just discovered Albania for two weeks (if I remember correctly). Margarete & Wolfgang were/are real bikers. Would be great to read soon about your (Enduro-)experiences in Albania.

Margarete & Wolfgang from Austria

In the evening near Ploce, which is not far away from the border between Croatia and Montenegro, I met Albert. He is originally Albanian and lives now in the states. Unfortunately we did not have much time anymore. Would be a pleasure to listen to you stories too!

Albert from Albania & USA

Even later in the evening (I decided to ride until the sun was gone), I met Craig. A fun british guy who travels Europe with his bus and searches spots for kitesurfing. Even we met only for a short moment, we had a lot of fun. This is the sort of easy-going-world-explorers. Would be fun to meet you again Craig. I am sure we will find a spot where we can combine kitesurfing and motorcycling. At least the beer in the evening will be the same!

Craig, the kite-surfer from England

After spending the night in a completely overpriced apartment somewhere near Baska Voda in Croatia I rode further towards Split.

Enjoying my morning-Cappucchino I met Jay, the captain of the “Pirate Ship Split”.

He showed be his boat, told me that he really has some pirate-blood and somehow he reminded me to Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Thank you Jay for the nice talk and your time. Was really interesting to talk to you and thank you for the gift for my little son.

Captain Jay from Split/Croatia


Since I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday and my body really rebelled somehow, I decided to shorten my trip and to ride as direct as possible towards Ljubljana.

Shorty after noon I had to stop at the Hotel Panorama in Sibenik. They allowed me to cool down a bit. Actually a very nice hotel I will probably stay with one of my next years motorcycle-travel-groups. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the very friendly staffcrewmembers. Two ladies, one was working at the front desk and one was working as waitress. Thank you also for your hospitality. Positive experiences make people greatful and makes them very often coming back too!

Hotel Panorama in Sibenik with amazing view!

In the evening I reached Ljubljana.

Sorry, I was too tired to explore the town but I found a nice restaurant with local specialities, had a great cosy room.

Cosy room in the hotel Allegro in Ljubljana

I felt very comfortable in Ljubljana and its Hotel Allegro. I will definitely come back again but I do hope your WIFI will work a bit better! For people working or for bloggers it’s just not fast & stable enough!

I even got a private garage for my Indian Roadmaster in  the Hotel Allegro in Ljubljjana

N.B.: My GPS always wanted to send me to Laibach instead of Ljubljana. It took me a while to understand that Laibach is the German name of Ljubljana. Especially after registering, that I again found a brand new road which wasn’t known by my GPS.

GPS does not know  this street in Vodice yet!

Now it is about going home. I wont make it in one day. But after having a few wonderful but long days I am looking forward to sleep soon in my own bed and to take on freshly washed clothes again!

So long & ride safe!

N.B.: I wrote the article in the Hotel in Ljubljana but I finished it at home. I made it in one day!

Do you know the feeling after travelling? Suddenly you just want go home!

When Ghostriders meet! Grimselpass!



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