day 10: Kryoneri – Kastoria

This day was a little bit different than others. First i woke up in my tent, which I didn’t use yet before during this trip, because the prices for the hotels were mostly really low.

The sunrise was really nice. You miss them if you are late!

Also the coastline was quite amazing!

And it was also different, because I decided to wake up early, search a nice street-coffee and finish my blogs from yesterday and the day before yesterday.


Here I met Eva & Ernst Bühler-Rizos. Eva was born in Greece but lived for 37 years in Switzerland. That’s why she speaks Swiss German without any accident.

Thank you Eva & Ernst for the invitation! It’s pretty sure that I will come back again!


Eve, Ernst, Swizzlybiker

working on my blog

I also had a special adventure since I used my Indian Roadmaster as dirtbike. My mechanic will be either angry with me or very happy because he may get some extra work to do! 😉 I had to take a detour which was not really ment for beginners! 😉

Enduro-Adventure with my cruiser, Indian Roadmaster 😉

wouldn’t be a proble for my BMW R 1200 GS! 😉

So the next special event was the foamy shower for my Indian Roadmaster.

My loved Indian motorcycle needed a foamy shower

It was also different, because I did not know, where I will end up. I knew I will go further than Thessaloniki, since I was on a delay of about half a day, and I knew I will not make it to Bar in Montenegro, which should have been yesterdays arrival point. But it’s not a big problem, since I have one full day in reserve.

Lake Kastoria

Lake Kastoria, in front of the Hotel Kastoria

Night-view from my hotelroom No 209

I ended up on a very nice lake called “Limni Kastorias Orestiada”. I guess it means “Lake of Kastorias”. A place to discover next time.

Nice interior

Clean bathroom! 😀

By accident I found the hotel Kastorias. Oh, I almost forgot how nice hotels can be, especially when you do not expect it yet. The rooms really have character and they are clean! Very clean! It was really a pleasure again! 😃

I did not have much time to ask about the history ore even some other information but I will prove you with this last picture, that i felt very comfortable. This is a hotel I will definitely come back when I do a ride again in the area!

I felt comfortable

Also the hospitality was great. A nice guy (unfortunately I did not ask for his name) who works here since 17 years he told me, was friendly and welcoming. Also the nice young lady who was serving the guests on the terrace and behind the bar. A nice friendly smile and good skills as a bartender and waitress. It was a real pleasure to enjoy this service after some other experiences I  wrote about in the previous blogs.

I had a short chat with the owner, told him that I was a hotelier myself and suddenly we started to behave like old friends. It’s something like the “bikers-feeling”. Not that close but almost but it does not work with all hoteliers. He got me one of his old private Grappas! Cheers! 😋

Before, after & game over! 😉

Besides that there is not really much to tell about! It was more a day of trying to get all my writing and riding stuff done!

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2 thoughts on “day 10: Kryoneri – Kastoria

  1. … freut mich, dass du in Griechenland bessere Erfahrungen mit den Hotels und dem Service gemacht hast, als in den vergangenen Tagen … hoffe allerdings auch, dass deine “Roadmaster” bei manchen Strassenverhältnissen, die du ihr zugemutet hast, keinen Schaden genommen hat – wäre ja wirklich schade drum! … welche Route hast du denn für deinen Rückweg nach Hause gewählt? Mazedonien, Kosovo, Serbien usw. oder mit der Fähre rüber nach Italien? … wünsche dir auf jeden Fall eine schöne und sichere Heimreise 😉

    • Bitte entschuldige meine späte Antwort. Hatte Mühe eine gute Verbindung mit dem Internet zu finden.
      Ich bin über Albanien nach Bar in Montenegro gefahren und habe soeben in Petrovac (herrliches Restaurant mit traumhafter Aussicht und super freundlichen Mitarbeitern) meinen Blog von gestern fertig geschrieben.
      Jetzt geht’s weiter. Mal sehen, wie weit mich die Räder tragen werden!
      Bis bald!

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