This day started great and ended absolutely amazing!….In between it was challenging, fighting, ennoying and………….but step by step now:

Impressions of Sozopols Coastroad

First I explored the peninsula where Sozopol is on. Really a nice place with potential even it is already quite touristy. Unsual to me is that I do not hear any language that I know/understand. Normally I hear German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Arab – this because I live myself in a very touristy station called the area of the Jungfrau = Jungfrau-Region. The Jungrau (top of Europe) is one of the most famous mountains in the alps! I was born in Lauterbrunnen (famous for Base-jumpers) and living now in Interlaken, which is about the center of the area (locals do not all agree about that.  ) But here I only hear languages that are completely unknown. Most of them probably slavic.

The view you can get from Sozopol is really amazing. They have nice beaches and also the small old part of the village is always worth a visit.

Just a few kilometers outside of Sozopol I found a wonderful road wright on the the beach. Amazing! 

Look at this short video

​​….But shortly after that a real “Enduro-Challenge” awaited me. The most bumpy road I have every seen! I was fighting with this street for more than an hour but not for many kilometres. I already knew, I wont make it to Thessaloniki if I wont be able to ride faster.

Bumpy road outside of Sozopol

After quite a while I got back to the “normal street” and pretty soon the Turkey-boarder showed up. And guess what I had to do: wait & wait & wait….!

At the turkish boarder

Finally I made to one of those several small windows where one of the several, more or less motivated boarder-officals were watching out and saying something in their mothertongue. I usually ask if they understand English. Not all of them do. But with a lot of hand-gestics we were able to communicate. 😉

Windows at the turkish boarder

Unfortunately I made a mistake again: I did not properly check my green insurance card. I only checked, if “a” green insurance card was in my folder with all my papers (except the forgotten passport! ) but I did not check it it was the wright one. It wasn’t!  I had an old one with one of the old plate-numbers. So no passing without insurance. They told me that I have to buy an insurance from them next door.

I went next door and a friendly boarder-official told me to asky my insurance-company to send an e-mail with the correct example of this green card. Rita, she is one of the responsibles of my friends Roberts Insurance-agency. Thank you Rita for sending it immediately. The friendly guy behind the small window made it possible that I did not have to buy an insurance from the turkey-boarder. It would have costed me about €uro 130.00. I wouldn’t have paid it and would have returned to Bulgaria to avoid Turkey. Now he asked for unofficial 5 Euros in cash. I did not have any cash with me. Immediately he was not friendly anymore and I escaped the situation as fast as possible!

Turkish roads = great for cruisers!

The roads in Turkey were great! Absolute fantastic cruising after the “Bulgarian pothole-challenge”.  I felt like a  riding his horse!

Turkish roads = great for cruisers!

Just before I arrived at the boarder I needed to get gaz. The staff was amazed by my Indian Roadmaster. Realizing this I asked them if they would like to take a picture of them with my motorcycle……..and they almost jumped on it like spiderman could not do it better! 😉

Gaz-station-crew in Turkey

The boarder-control between Turkey and Greece seemed to be new. My GPS at least did not know the correct way and I got stopped by two boarder guards. Their eyes sparkled because of my Indian motorcycle. OK. We make a photo again!I love the smiles in the faces of the people who get happy about it. To own a bike like that is a dream that can not get furfilled for many of those people. So why not to make them happy just with sitting on it? Many bikers would never allow that but they miss those greatful smilings.

Turkish boarder-guards

I had to turn around and take the official way! Again many nice windows. Motivation was also the same! More or less!  First window: you can pass. Second window: you have to go back to first window. First window: you have to go the scan-control. 

The scanning procedure

San-control after scanning my bike: you have to back to the first window. First window: you are finshed now. Go to the last window. Last window: Good bye and have a nice ride.

Goodbye Turkey

The boarder guards were wating and  the exit for me and said thank you again by waving their guns. It was really an unusual scenery and experience.

Good bye Turkey, hello Greece!

Hello Greece!

In Greece I had some excellent cruise-tracks as well. Suddenly there were two police-officers. Oops! I got nervous! Did I speed? …..No, they just informed me that the highway was closed due to a big fire. That’s why I needed to get another road and I ended up in a nice street-coffee in Alexandropoulis.

Bikers coffee-break in Alexandropoulis
I needed to get in touch with Codrut to find out where he was. He found a nice campground in a place called Kryoneri. It seems that there exist more than one Kryoneri. I got the intention while I was talking to people here and they all talk about a different Kryoneris. Anyway: I found it and Godrut was waiting on the beach already!

I saw a nice sailing boat and decided – since it seemed not to belong to anyone – to take it with me. Who knows? Maybe it will be helpful once in future?

Let’s sail away!

Arrived at the campground I got a warm welcome from Ioanna. She kindly explained everything, was very friendly and welcoming, offered me to prepare an omelette and a salad……it was wonderful to feel beeing welcome again after having some different experiences. Ioanna and her husband are really doing a great job there! I can warmly recommend this place!

Great hosts, great food, great Kryoneri Camping

I tried to write this blog but I was just too tired. So I dediced do go to bet early, to leave the camp in the next morning around 6 am, said good bye to Codrut and his friends he met on the beach (from his hometown), went to my sleeping bag.

The next day I left around 6 am, drove to Kavala and finished my yesterdays blog.

Writing my blog in Kavala, Espressaki-bar

Todays blog I will write tonight or tomorrow morning somewhere on my following way!

Now I need your help dear readers and followers! I do want your feedback! As you know, English is not my mother-tongue and I do make for sure mistakes. But is it understandable? How do you like my writing style? How do you like my pictures?

Thank you very much for your feedback! Feedback is the bloggers-food and the honey for his soul!

So long friends!

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