Honestly, there is not really much to say. Everything went more or less fine & well. But I will try to remember what happend since I am writing this article with a delay of one day. As a travelblogger you better write immediately or you forget what exactly happened.

Tomis Touristic Port, Constanta, Romania

First of all, Constanta had a really nice harbour. It’s a place where I would go back. The ride to Sozopol was nice and some routes were really fun to cruise with my Indian Roadmaster.

Near Shabla

But to keep in short an simple, I just post some pictures as a video. That will explain about what happend on my trip!

 That for watch this videolink.

I tried to find coastroads. That was not really easy because they were actually on my GPS and on Google-Maps but most of the would have been for Endurobikes only. Nothing for my Indian motorcycle.


At the boarder I had some sign-language-communciation:

  • first with the signs itself. I did not understand one word!
  • On the Bulgarian boarder
  • second with Bulgarian soldiers. Seems that they liked my small bike. Their trucks were huge and impressive. Even more impressive was the speed they were driving with.

Maybe I can write a little bit about the differences between the Romanian drivers and the Bulgarian drivers. The Romanian onces they “close the gate” when they see a motorbike that wants to pass. I am generalizing now. Some were really nice and friendly! But not the majority.
The Bulgarian drivers were “opening the gate” and let me pass quite often. Not as much as the Italians but probably more that we Swiss ourselves.

Did you make similar experiences? If so, write me about your experiences. I am very curious!

In Balchik

A word about payment-facilities. If you are going to travel those countries, you should take some cash in the local currency with you. I didn’t and got some problems because of that:

In Balchik for example I saw a sign on a restaurant-door, that they accept credit-cards. So i ordered something to eat & drink. When I wanted to pay by credit-card, the owner said, that the machine is not working (Those machines seem in general not to work well in those countries.  ) and I should get some cash. I tried at the next ATM but it did not work at all! I finally scraped my last Euros together and could at least approximatly solve that problem.

This is Bulgarian reality
This should be accepted

In Goldstrand I met Codrut. He is member of the Biker-Club “Vlah-Spirit” which I a met a few days a go in Slobozia. He asked me via Whatsapp if he could join me for a while. So we finally met in Goldstrand, where he was together with another Vlah-Spirit-Member named Daniel. It’s real unique how I found new friends up here! Thanks for everything guys!

Codrut, Swizzlybiker, Daniel with his daughter
 Codrut and I did not ride together but we decided to meet on our todays goal Sozopol where we searched a place to stay – but this is another story. Will tell it later!

When the GPS and the helmet wanna swim!

During my ride I always tried to find a good spot to take pictures. Very often it’s not possible and just too dangerous. Finally I found a good spot where I also met a professional fully equipped team. They were doing a photoshooting for a big Tour-Operator. We had a short but nice and funny talk!

Professional photographers

Once I arrived in Sozopol I met Codrut, who arrived exactly at the same time. We checked our Smartphone-Apps, found a place to stay with a private parking (at least it was mentioned like that) but when we arrived, they said, that there is no parking at all. The owner mentioned that he does not know what’s written in this booking-app about his hotel. When I told him that I was a hotelier myself and that it is the hotelier who is putting all those information he became angry and absolutely unfriendly. ….we needed tok search another place to stay.

Paradise Bay Hotel in Sozopol

Finally we spent the night in the paradise bay hotel. We were very happy with it!

My trip from Constanta to Sozopol
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