First I thought there is really nothing to write about day 7, but for sure there is.

After taking my Ukranian friend to the airport I started my trip towards Constanta on the black sea. I heard many nice comments about this city but I really did not know what I should expect.

Traffic outside of Bukarest
The first part of the ride was traffic. I thought it is going to be one of those wait & wait & wait-stories. A little bit bored while waiting between those huge trucks I started to listen some old-time-jazz & dixieland-music on my speakers. Suddenly the cardrivers became friendly (not really a Romanian habit – except between bikers), workers near the street were waving at me and also trucks showed me thumbs up!

After a while I decided to leave the highway and to take the normal road. Big mistake. The 345 dogs were back and as soon I had to stop somewhere, they were attacking me again. I really do not like dogs if I do not know them, even we had dogs all our life long. I decided to go back on the highway.

Somewhere, about 1 hour before you arrive in Constanta, you have to pay a toll. The first time that I saw that in Romania. Waiting in the line, a huge(!) dog started barking at me. I did not not know that there was a bread of dogs that descend from elephants! Did you know? Well, finally I was told  that they call them Chiuahua here. Very scary!

Arriving in Constanta a huge boat was standing near the road. Just a great scenerey for a picture.

Boat and my Indian Roadmaster at the entrance of Constanta

After getting my cheap location (again very dirty, but this seems to be standard in Romanian hotels & hostels) I decided to visit the port of Constanta. This was just wonderful

I discovered a place where there are many different restaurants. I finally ended up in a restaurant called INLARG. I loved that place. The scenery was  great but also the friendly staff was honey for my maltreated hotelier-soul. To find motivated and friendly staff seems to be almost impossible.

The big exceptions I found here in the INLARG-Restaurant but also  at the highway-gaz-station of Lalomita. A young guy Andrei started to chat with me because of my bike, showed me pictures of his bike. A friendly young man.

Andrei, the friendly young driver

Gaz station in Lalomita
Anyway: finally I managed my day 7! The scenery in the evening was unforgettable.

My Indian Roadmaster on the port of Constanta

My Indian Roadmaster on the port of Constanta

Sharing my parking lot!
Future cardriver at the “Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta Constanta”

[wpvideo DhMOOYNI]

Sailorboat, port of Constanta​​

[wpvideo 59lfXsD4]

INLARG: Great dining place!

Silly joke, I know, but I had to use it on Instagram as “Don’t bullshit with an Indian Motorcycle Rider! “

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