Day 4: short on time

Good morning dear followers! I hope you had a nice sleep? Mine was great! 😴

Due to the fact that the internet in the hotel does not work well, that my trackingtools Rever & MyRouteApp did somehow delete my yesterdays track (will get it at home on Garmin-Basecamp) and that I slept too long, I cannot really write a long update. Sorry folks! 😉

The highlight were:

The Transalpina

There is no lake on my online-map called google! 😳 …with my Indian Roadmaster

Somewhere on the Transalpina …with my Indian Roadmaster

Lacul (= lake) Oasa Mica …with my Indian Roadmaster

On the way to Transalpina with my Indian Roadmaster

and the welcoming of Andrei & Irina who were virtual friends from our common facebook-group called motorcycle-tours,

…and the warm welcome of Maria Danescu, owner of Romania motorcycle tours. She is running also the international Facebookgroup called motorcycletours!

I even got escorted through the town by Andrei, Irina, Maria & her tourguide-team!

Thank you buddies! Bikers are friends! motorcycle-tourguides are family! 💪🏻 You are always welcome to be my guests in Switzerland! 🇨🇭

Thanks for your friendship & the help about the “blocked” Transfaragasan

Partytime with Maria, Irina, Andrei & Co.

Maria Danescu, owner & tourguide @RomaniaMotorcycleTours

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