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Day 3 of my long trip through some eastern European countries was a looooong trip again. I have to say honestly – even I enjoyed every single meter – this is not the way to do it. The distances are just too long and probably for most of you just too boring. So why was a riding that way? I just wanted to rush up as far as I could to enjoy than the 2nd part of the trip a bit more. I will try to avoid the highways then.

Track Aspang – Sebes (about 100 km are missing in the track😏)

But back to the travelstory:

In the morning I left my friends house in Aspang and headed towards Vienna. It was very windy and I felt honestly a little bit scared on the beginning, until I got used to it. Somewhere on the way it stopped to wind but I have no idea where it was.

Normally I try to avoid the highways (and also the cities) because they both make me  tired. So what do I do to ride such long rides? I make a short stop every hour, fill up the gaz, even the tank is still half full and mostly I take a short nap or I use the learned autogenic training to recover and fill up my batteries. For me it’s just the best and I never feel sleepy!

I also change the way how I am riding. Sometimes I am quite on the speed-limit and concentrated, sometimes I just hook in behind a truck and try to enjoy the landscape a bit (needs some distance between you and the truck!). Like the the ride does not really become that boring.

After Vienna I headed towards Bratislava – Belgrad (just sign-directions) and finally crossed the hungaryan boarder at “Hegyeshalom”. 

Indian Roadmaster @Autohof Hegyeshalom

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Well, the language in Hungary is very special. I do speak 4 and understand about 3 more languages but Hungarian is really something else. You really do not neet any slapstick anymore. Just try to read and pronounce properly and – at least the people surround you – will end in a great laughter! 😂😂😂

Buy a Vignette in Hegyeshalom

In Hungary they use another currency – so forget about Euros, Francs and Dollars. They use Forint, short form HUF. At the boarder you have to buy a “Vignette” like you have to do it Switzerland and in Austria as well. I only needed it 1 day, but the minimum you have to buy is 6 days.

My Indian Roadmaster & a cow in Level/HU

After a few fuel & napstops I arrived at the Romanian boarder in Arad. The boarder official forgot about their grim look after discovering my Indian Roadmaster. They started to smile, ask me questions, tell me stories and had a big smile in their face. I have to be honest: When I bought my Roadmaster two years ago, I really had no idea about motorcycles and I had no idea what piece of culture I am buying. But now, knowing that I have somehow a Swiss engine under my a…, I really feel great, yes also a little bit proud (it’s not really a Swiss habit to show that you are proud of something) but I really enjoy, when people start to smile, when they ask me to let the (Swiss) engine roar.

Eveny my original trip was planned for my BMW R 1200 GS, I do have to say again, that I really love my Indian motorcycle – at least for 98 %. 2 % are damages that should not happen, but I guess you can have that with every motorcycle. Wright?

In Romania they are building many new highways and they are really in great shape – like they are also in Hungary. What’s a bit different, is the way how to get gaz. So avoid the first pitstop after the boarder. You may have to wait behind a huge queue of cars. I took about  the 3rd one. 

Also a little bit challenging it could be, if you need to go the the toilet. Ladies, do it in Hungary first and later then in your hotel. I hope you understand that I do not want to post a picture of what I saw.

Another challenge was the nap. It was tough to find a clean place – or maybe I suffered from something like paranoia. Anyway: I invented a new sleeping-position on my bike. Not very comfortable but I felt more comfortable! *lol*

Somewhere near Timis I could leave the highway and had some really nice curvy roads in a beautfiul landscape. Riding through small cities was nice too, since the boys in  the town started to wave when they heard me. I am not sure wether it was because of my Indian Roadmaster or because of my music- The only thing that happend that was not very pleasent, was an attack of about 345 dogs (in reality they were only 3, but it felt like had been chased by 345 dogs! 😉 ) while I was standing in a queue. I decided to leave the queue. 😉

When you travel foreign countries and you are used to your country and you know about rules and regulations in your country you will discover things that make you smile because you know, at home that would not be possible. One thing for example was a plane. Wright. Someone had a plane in his garden, directly on the street. I really had to laugh and I somehow loved it. But I missed to take a picture together with my Indian motorcycle. I love taking pictures but sometimes you miss the chances. Maybe I was just a bit tired.

I was glad when I arrived in Sebes, where I found a nice hotels (prices are very low), some guys from Germany who are woking here and I could chat with and I found finally one of the best pillows I ever had………remember the 345 dogs? 😉

It’ time to leave for another ride. It’s going to be long again but I expect much more fun!

So long friends! Ride safe!

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  1. Hello,
    i will thank you for a nice chat yesterday in Dubrovnik Croatia. I was the men with the family on top of the village. And it is a pleasure to read your blog. Keep op and drive safe!
    Friendly greats Robin

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