First of all I have to laugh! …

You want to laugh too? No guarantee that for! Maybe you will just shake your head!

Morning-view in Trimmis

But let’s start now:

I left early in the morning yesterday Trimmis, which is in our canton Graubünden/Grison. It is not too far away from the Austrian Feldkirch, where you can catch a nighttrain to Vienna. You can transport your vehicle on that train and get a cabin where you can sleep while the train brings you to Vienna.

Swiss boarder
Rhein – Rhine – Rhin
Austrian boarder

To take this train was my original idea! Well, the really original idea was to attend a passchallenge of the German motorcycle-magazine called Alpentourer. 100 Passroads in Europe.

So I originally planned to do about 20 oft those passroads in Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia & Croatia. Some of those passroads would have had gravelroads, so I intended to do an endurotrip with my BMW R 1200 GS.

My BMW R 1200 GS and “his” girlfriend!

Due to a medical problem with my knee I had to cancel it last minute. So I decided last minute to do the trip I’m doing now with my Indian, where my knee does not hurt at the moment!

My Indian Roadmaster, Raststätte Irschenberg

So I tried to get a nighttrain in Feldkirch. No chance! Booked out for days! …..should I cancel this trip too? No! I decided to ride the way and visit my tourguide-buddies Uli (he was out teacher and he is the owner of this tourguide-educating company), Jürgen and Alfred, who both attended the same training with me.

Jürgen, Swizzly & Uli, the boss!
Jessy manages us tourguides! Thank you Jessy!
Alfred’s Garage

Because of “no train” I lost one day.

At home I got a new vest. I was quite excited when I got the SMS from the tailor that it is ready now, that I decided to get and wear it. The SMS reached just before I intended to leave. I went to the tailors place, tried the vest on, realized that I would have to change the jacket, went home, changed the jacket, put the vest on, drove with my Indian Roadmaster to Trimmis for the overnight stay, went to the Swiss/Austrian boarder in Kriessern/Mäder………and realized, that my passport was in the other jacket! ….I guess I used the Swiss version of the f….!-word because I was so , and than I just had to laugh!

Swiss boarder

New questions came up, especially after the question of Art Welch via Facebook, if it would be enough, just to have a passport! Art, your timing was great! I thaught you wanna catch me with candid camera!

Fact is: I am not 100 % sure, but my whatsappgroup with my tourguidebuddies helped to find it out! As a Swiss I should be fine with my ID. Not sure about Ukraina, so will cancel Odessa now. The rest I will find out on the boarders, but Internet says: go for it! No problem!

Indian Roadmaster in Leobersorf

The way towards Aspang in Austria, where I stayed overnight in Alfreds and his familys house (originally planned was Budapest), was long. My advice for you guys! Travel the same in four days or take the nighttrain. ……..but somehow I still liked it! I love my Indian Roadmaster (sorry GS-bro’s! Miss my GS too sometimes! Sorry bikes! I’m not very faithful! I need you both!).

Today I will avoid Budapest (Sorry Budapest! Will visit you in winter by plane. Ok?), and ride towards a Romanian city called Sebeș. Any tips for staying overnight?

That’s my actual update! Thanks for following!

So long friends! Ride safe too brothers & sisters!

My day as short video!

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