Supplement: The offer doesn’t seem to be that nice as I thought when I started to write this article. More about it below in “supplement”.

DFDS is one of the largest night-ferry-companies in northern europe. In a cooperation with Louis, a German company with shops for motorcycle accessoires. The offered a special for the months may and june 2017.








They sent offers via e-mail and said approx. the following: “for the season-opening in Scotland you get a 50 % reduction on certain ferry-connections, during may & june, for your bike-transport”. They also do some commercials for Scotlands sunny may.  But I guess the readers of this article would love to plan the opposite direction?


But for those who are joining the Alpentourer-Pässemarathon which I described on my article „Passroads and their different challenges.“ may take advantage of this article or at least of the ideas coming with studying this.

I guess it would be interesting to compare the different costs of the different ferries and also the tunnel.

This is the Link, which I got from Louis. I hope you can open it. If not, please let me know!

Ride safe my friends!

Jede Reise ist ein Ziel!
Jede Reise ist ein Ziel!


Through a mention in one of my facebook-groups I tried to order one of those special-deals. I had to realize that this was very tricky and – even they write the opposite – it’s not possible online.

I do not like offers like that. It’s a sort of pied-pipping. 🙁









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