Sleep in a wine barrel!….?

As I just mentioned in the previous article, I was just recently on a trip on the eastern-part of Switzerland. I made this trip to check all the roads and places I am going to visit for my guided tour along the Grand Tour of Switzerland (for more information check at the end of this blog):

The track I originally planned to ride was the one below. I plan it normally with Garmin-Express. Since I am having some issues wright now with calculating the route, I do export those files to Rever and MyRouteApp since I am testing those two Routing-Apps. So far I like them both. I may write an article once later.

Would you be interested about it? If so, please leave a comment here on the blog! Thank you!

Rever vs MyRouteApp

Rever vs MyRouteApp



Anyway: I had to change the ride finally, since it was a bit too long and I could not start early enough that for and some passes were also closed. I wasn’t aware of that. I wrote a blog about a site that you can check to see if the Swiss passroads are open or not. But you know what? I did not check it! My fault! 😉

But I still had a nice ride and ended in my first goal of the day. It was the hotel Rüedi- fasstastische Ferien. They do not have many English spoken guests (yet), that’s why their site is only in German so far.

Reise zum Hotel Rüedi - fasstastische Ferien - in Trasadingen

Reise zum Hotel Rüedi – fasstastische Ferien – in Trasadingen

I really have to say, I love this small hotel. You have everything in room what you need like toilet, shower, TV, WIFI. But besides that you do not find real luxury. For me it is not necessary. It has to be clean (it was very clean), the owners are around and give you a feeling of beeing part of the family. Also the small staff crew is very friendly and ready to give advices, informations and so on about the area.

This hotel is going to be the first stay during my guided trip through the eastern-part of Switzerland. You will love it!

Collage Rüedi-Ferien, Trasadingen (Fasshotel)

Collage Rüedi-Ferien, Trasadingen (Fasshotel)

So I got a friendly information about a “dinner-trip”. They gave me the advice to visit the Restaurant Bergtrotte in Osterfingen. Wow, I love this short trip through the vineyards. The scenerey in the sunset was just stunning.

On a BMW R 1200 GS through the estern part of Switzerland called Ostschweiz

On a BMW R 1200 GS through the estern part of Switzerland called Ostschweiz

I loved the athmosphere, the friendly staff and the absolute great food. There is nothing about convenience food. No, you get real stuff!

I am neither paid by the hotel nor by the restaurant to write this positive review. But I really loved it. Both covered exactly “my taste” of staying and dining somewhere.

Restaurant Bergtrotte in Osterfingen

Restaurant Bergtrotte in Osterfingen

What do you think? Would you like to be part of a trip to one of those places?

I forgot to mention: We will visit for sure also this wonderful, nice, small vine cellar. I am sure my guest will love it!

Would you like to join me on this tour? If so, you have two possibilities:

5th July 2017 till 9th July 2017


13th September 2017 till 17th September 2017

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