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Unterwegs auf den Ächerlipass, Blick Richtung Dallenwil

On the way towards Aecherlipass, view towards Dallenwil

Just a few days ago I made a special tour through the eastern part of Switzerland. I will not write too much about the track I was riding, I will write more about the places I was staying and visiting. Places that you might love when you visit Switzerland!

As a former hotelier I still do love everything about hotels and restaurants. There are so many different kind of ideas how to run a hotel and how it should look like – in- and outside.

Some hotels are just buildings, houses, where there are some beds inside and maybe also a restaurant but you do not see or find a responsible person, the staff is there for approx. 8 hours, maybe they even just do what they have to but nothing more……….. those hotels I do not really like. Sometimes even I have to stay in those unliked buildings – for example during a strike on a German airport ( 😉 ) – but I prefer not to.

In other hotels you also do not find many staff members but somehow you feel the idea behind it. It has a concept behind it and the concept may be “no staff & unused stuff” or “the minimum of staff that’s necessary”. There are many different kind of hotels that run this concept worldwide. But even the hotels who run a concept like that are very different.

One example of a hotel without staff and front-desk is the capsule-hotel in Osaka – Japan. Another example from a well-furnished one I found in Lugano – Switzerland, named Splendori-Suite.

But actually I do not ant to write about those topics. My topic here is to write about hotels I do visit while I am on my motorcycle. Some articles I wrote already about hotels. There is for example the

Elf bis zu 300 Jahre alte Hütten und Ställe bilden das top-moderne Hotel Guarda Val in Sporz bei Lenzerheide, Graubünden

Elf bis zu 300 Jahre alte Hütten und Ställe bilden das top-moderne Hotel Guarda Val in Sporz bei Lenzerheide, Graubünden

or I wrote about a hotel-concept I would love to go to in Wales

Epic retreats Wales I

Epic retreats Wales I

or I wrote about experiences in city hotels. A positive experience I made in the


a negative one I wrote about the

It is actually quite interesting what you can read in the net about “reputation-management” and so on and you get automatized mails with surveys about your stay.

But please do not expect an answer. I sent the article about the Mercure Hotel Münschen Schwabing to Accor-Hotels-Group but I never got an answer. Not even an automatized one.

That’s why I look more and more for hotels that are not that automated, that are personal, that have a special touch.

My following two blogs will be about two hotels like that in Switzerland. I hope you will like those articles!


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