English Blog? About breakfast?

Good morning everybody….and if you read it later…..good day or good evening! 😉

This article is about breakfast:

Hotel-breakfasts I had during my trips

Hotel-breakfasts I had during my trips

Well I’m honest, I’m a bit too lazy to write an own article. I found one you could read about the different breakfast styles around the whole world.

The article was definitely not written by a Swiss. Then the typical Swiss breakfast is different. But, is there a typical Swiss breakfast? I think the typical Swiss Breakfast does not really exist. Maybe we have a typical bernese-oberland-breakfast? Or a Ticino-breakfast? Or a Valais-breakfast? I never thought about what they eat in Geneva or in Thurgau? It’s an interesting topic. I think I will think get more of those thinkings!

What is your typical breakfast?

Oops: Almost forgot the link to the promised article. Here it is: breakfast around the globe

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